Jumpsuits Under $50 and How to Shop and Save

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Like most women, I enjoy the art of shopping; and yes I believe
that it truly is an art; especially when it comes to obtaining
a coveted item at a fraction of the price.  From
experience, shopping for special occasions, can be especially
challenging as most times the dazzling number that catches our
eye in the store front window exceeds our budget.  While I
am no expert,  I would like to share with you some tips
I’ve learnt over the years on ‘how to shop and
for events like these.

Jumpsuit under $50

The jumpsuit seen in this post was an absolute steal, and was
purchased under $50, at only $36 CAD, regularly $110 CAD from
an online retailer based in the UK.  While I had no
definite plans for this jumpsuit at the time of purchase; at a
price that good, not to mention the impeccably classic style of
the jumpsuit, I had to indulge.  I am currently eyeing
this Asos
under $50 and have provided links
for you to shop a variety of other one-shoulder
jumpsuits under $50 down below
. The taxi clutch in
this post is by Kate Spade and was another steal of mine from
the famous Cyber Monday sales a few years ago and has been one
of my most treasured statement pieces for only $30USD
originally $98USD.  So let’s get into it, the tips I’ve
used to purchase this amazing jumpsuit for under $50 and other
great buys:

Browse the selection of your favourite stores

Take the time to browse the selection offered by your favourite
stores online and/or  in-store, to get an idea of the
store’s selection, the current trends and the styles you’d like
to try. Some online retailers like Asos, Nordstrom, Amazon and
Gilt (to
name a few) give you the option of saving your favourite items
to a Wish list or a favourites catalog.  This not only
assists in narrowing the search for the prefect item, but it
also helps you to monitor any changes in price while keeping a
lists of your favourite items handy should a special event pop

Sign up for email alerts

Sign up for email alerts to be notified of sales, promotions
and to receive special discounts.  I have found it helpful
to dedicate a separate email address to receiving sales
promotions from my favourite stores.  Some retailers like
Asos often provide email subscribers with discount codes for
birthdays or just randomly as an incentive for you to shop, if
you haven’t purchased from their site in a while.  I’ve
even noticed that while they do advertise a discount code for
 various holiday weekends, email subscribers tend to get a
code via email  with a higher discount, than advertised to
the general public.  Tory Burch also offers their email
subscribers with a $50 credit towards a purchase of a $100 or
more for birthdays.  So it certainly pays to sign up for
email alerts.

Take advantage of End of Season Sales

End of season sales in my experience tend to offer the best
discounts, as stores are determined at this point to get rid of
merchandise in preparation for the upcoming new season.
 Summer sales typically begin at the end of June and
winter sales, right after Christmas.  Given the timing of
these sales, you’ll still have a few months to wear new
purchases before the season ends or better yet be ready for the
following year’s summer or winter.

Jumpsuit under $50

Sign up for Store Reward Programs

Signing up for store reward programs are normally free and can
be quite beneficial if you are a frequent shopper of the
retailer.  The following stores offer great rewards
programs: The
, Sephora, and
 Find out more about these store’s reward programs by
clicking on their names.

Stores with Semi-Annual Sales and Zara

Stores like Zara, Victoria’s Secret, Aritzia and Bath and
 Body Works only have major sales semi-annually, where
merchandise is heavily discounted.  These sales normally
start at the end of June for summer sales and on Boxing Day for
winter sales.

Zara typically has several markdown tiers during their sales
with the end of the sale period occurring towards the end of
July yielding the best deals.  I would however not suggest
holding out if it is an item that you absolutely love; as most
of Zara’s best items sell pretty quickly.  If you’ve been
following me on Instagram @eyesonstyleto, and was curious about
my birthday outfit, the asymmetrical skirt from that look was
obtained for only $9.99 at Zara.  Currently, I’m eyeing

this tweed skirt
from their fall collection, so
wish me luck!

The 3 biggest Sales of the Year

Here are a 3 of the biggest sales to save your coin for during
the year, where you are sure to score the best deals:

  • Black Friday Sale – the 1st Friday after Thanksgiving in
    the U.S.A
  • Cyber Monday Sale – the 1st Monday after the U.S.A ‘s
  • Boxing Day Sale – December 26

Combining all of these tips, I have found that I’ve been able
to score some pretty good deals throughout the years and hope
that they will be of tremendous help to you on your journey to
shop and save.  I have rounded up some of my favourite
one-shoulder jumpsuits for under $50 below for which I get a
commission for purchases or clicks made through the links in
this post.  Till we meet again, happy

Jumpsuits under $50 and how to shop and save

shopping guys!


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