Floral Shorts and Mid-Length Vests

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Why you Need Floral Shorts

While I don’t typically incorporate shorts into my usual every
day wear, I must admit that there are some occasions where they
are an absolute necessity.  Consider scorching
temperatures, beach outings, tropical vacations and summer pool
party outings, as some of the main occasions for you to bring
out those colourful floral shorts.  They can be dressed-up
or down as you please to compliment any occasion or to suit
your own personal style.  Given my personal style, I have
opted to dress these orange and beige floral shorts up with a
cream/off-white mid-length vest and clear heeled booties.
 Tailored shorts whether floral or plain have been around
for quite some time and can be considered a wardrobe staple.
 I don’t see them going anywhere, anytime soon, so stock
up, as they’re a great seasonal investment.

 Background, Style, Fit and Where to Shop

Floral Shorts

So let me give you a little background on this look.
 These shorts are a few seasons old, and were purchased at
the LOFT for a quick getaway to my island home Jamaica.
 It was early August when the summer sales were on an
amazing downhill slope, so I ended up purchasing 3 pairs of
shorts at the time, with prices ranging between $18.99 CAD and
$24.99 CAD.  I liked the fact that the LOFT’s tailored
shorts came in 2 different in-seam lengths: 2 inches and 4
inches, so you can have the option of choosing a length that is
most comfortable for you.  From their current season, I
absolutely love these scalloped hemmed
yellow embroidered
 . The shorts  in this
post are a 4 inches in-seam, I however do own the 2-inch
in-seams as well which are also a comfortable length. I can
assure you that your butt cheeks will not be peeking through
the hem at all (Lol). Please note that this is not an ad, I
just happen to really love the style and fit of the LOFT’s shorts.
 You can get similar shorts from Asos here,
who ship world wide for free depending on your purchase amount.

Mid-Length Vest

This mid-length vest was an absolute steal from the
Bloomingdales Outlet store in Saw Grass Mills, Florida and only
$33.99; a sweet clearance rack discovery.  A
white/off-white vest is a fresh and beautiful accent to your
summer wardrobe.  I plan on pairing this vest with a white
tank, distressed jeans and some heels for another summer look.
 Remember multi-functionality is key when adding pieces to
your wardrobe.  You can get a similar vest, here and

Clear Heeled Booties

These clear heeled booties are by Steve Madden and were
purchased at Nordstrom, unfortunately I have no cool discount
story to share about how I obtained them, but lucky for you,
they’re on sale now.  Clear sandals and booties are a big
trend this season and the beauty of it is that you can wear
them with absolutely everything.  You can get the Steve Madden
 which are now
on Sale at Nordstrom or purchase the exact replica for a
fraction of the price here.

Summer sales with crazy discounts are happening right now so
hurry up and  stock-up on your summer essentials and
favourites, if you haven’t done so already.  As with all
my blog posts, I’ve shared links for you to check out the
various stores where you can shop this look down below.
 For more of my favourite items of the season, be sure to
check out my Favourites
page here.
 Till we meet again, I hope you’re making the best of all
that summer has to offer.  Cheers!

Be sure to click through the Gallery above to see more pictures
of this look



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